Tuesday, March 23, 2010

23 rd march post

Night sleep unexpectedly disturbed by mama as a result total days work effected.despite this
Morning had to sleep at rtc dormitory due to lack of sleep.seen indiatoday telugu vertion there and after evening i purchased it.

i have managed funds for the day with Chandragiri visit.there one booking had with photo listing.helped rs 50/- to mama moms objection noted.

After meeting Kmalakar in the morning bouncers continued with his useless discussions such as Carla bruni&and his continued trials as translation work of his inherited property.
As reliance account was not expired total amount utilised for the day.with 2 new ids:ambicaempire;Hemdevs:)(naiglobals twitter gadjet on their web site).
Rewies of indibloggers seen added few blogs and twitter ids.importance of attending that meeting noted.
gave Bizlist directory and times newspaer to Syam.attended syams office twice.
subscribed to indiblogger.trimmed further twitter follwed list.Unable to manage time by night but managed movie till intervel avatar.
Ankama raos call for spell check.took document writers prints from signinn.

web guy met at syams office and said he is ready to edit Munawwers papge is welcome sign.
lot of new wrods by reading blogs and reviews of indiblogger.
abused mama and went to sleep outside.

few more things of the day include:

Lot of r&d did on indibloggers meet added few friends from blog and twitter.reply sarav got.Sucess at chandragiri.blog posted.
hemdev.som a realtor from chennai(reserved it seems to having huge clients.
Lot of coverage of indibloggers meet read.ambicaempire also reserved looks to be very promising.

22nd march post

Very boring return journey from chennai to tirupati on a different route.met coxandkings people.Must build up a team on call.Mama s menace at home had to be faced.Unable to understand the responce of neibours.
2 new places exposed at chennai again.85 new email ids collected from biz list directory.indiaworld magazine purchased and skimmed through it.mala bhargava article read.Trips advantages analysed during the trvael.Calls from Surendra,Ashwin.VFS 2 offices exposure.managed to post blogs and tweets from laptop.Lunch at andhra hotel.

Over active childrens play at Bus.bujjodu,Chengaiah.


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