Tuesday, March 16, 2010

16th march tuesday!

Spent some time at Syams shop.met Prabhakaran.sseen blog postings from veduku.met kamalakar.income of march 14 700/- till now.
2 files purchased.5 new ids again:themismedicare:pfizerindia;ZAKILFS:kesinenitravels;laasamindia,

song of awesome info,7 news papers,one adverticement in vaartha news paper,facebooks branch at hyderabad for india,25 years of internet news coverage,blog posted,76 day from 2010,irritating looks at reliance cafe,felt chain on lap,some content at my blog is very interesting and need to post nice pics,italian language of Avatar movie:i must upgrade to vedeo presentations,twitter and facebooks blogs to read:i must improve skills on content development:watch links on twitter:to email the known contacts known why thulasi has purchased again due to emailing her;kumars daughters marriage news:

next strategy decided as: small places document writers:with team and with ads support:try twitter ids.
Failed again as to calculate festivals and future events.dhobi was not avaialble.kajalagarwal ids also with me.


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