Friday, March 12, 2010

10th march post

Surpricingly 3 calls from thlasi:No field work due to thulasi enq:Morning vaartha special iisue book took.No income for the day.SBI savings bank a/c activated again with rs 500/-.Afternoon at sridevi complex poor system got and irrtated with its poor pepormanse.
Freedomrewards site to be seen.
new hope again with rotaors idols of Subra.Stomach pains??.No responce after calling thulasi 2 times.
Kolcata realtors failure and another syams relatives remarks.Some one lady was seen at Syams base knowledge.swetha basu has some fan base.

parak bahu park(mama) story and joke and thothorathu...dama dhama...on ther whole enjoyed the day !
i sang abt Ghatothkaja!

11 th march post:

decided to go Chennai with 4 idols syams and Subra help and mama's help Internets help,drivers help my initiation,passengers help.reached chennai after insecurity finnally met thulasi(afetr 10 years of waiting)we had chated for 10 years but never met personally so tention is releived now, and delivered but hickup of lower voltage noted.Google maps help.missed lunch.carriying 4 idols idols was tiresome due to waeight.

At last met thulai seen herdaughter expressed (kamsheka) "WAW" after watching the lord guys lootmaarof my ignorense noted and no nice treatment by thulasis home i expected minimum greetings etc!. on return Sharing auto guys help was very useful.2 times.New order from thulasi confirmed.Some how came back to tpt early morning 3 pm.

Chengaiahs call.Symas problem with Loka and Old partner.padmakars recommendation.
exposure to thulasis husband and her daughter.
Syams mamas help.syams expectation??.

12 th march post:
3 baba idols purchased.5 maxine step down converters purchased(naresh help).chengaiahs and nareshs commitments got to travel to chennai.called thulasi.neibours request of home.1 idol got from Subra.paid 1k to syam and 1 k to naresh.Again to venkatesh B.Found problem of yesterdays display at thulasi.hick up at sai baba idols purchase.Thulasis travel seems to be extended.


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