Tuesday, March 09, 2010

9th march post

Sudden call from Thulasi at syams shop at evening (called Loka)related problms need to be faced now( but one idol order seems to be confirmed) supply need to be decided now this is new hope anyway.satishdtp nellore called vislesh.com.New idols is promising at Syams shop.Morning Renigunts visit a runaway success.evening Shivanis pending payment received one broture also got but some confusions emerged.

Finally call from Chengaiah and kamalakars surreender news noted.drivers reccomendations related info need to be edited.3 hours dash at netcafe at afternoon today.Univercell variants blocked good news.Interesting.twitter employees tweets and one girls id. hyderabad document writers information seen at google maps!!!.
Even just_dial missed id but they are twetting with varient.Chalam really helped at Renigunta registration office.Womens day related news and ads.Morning confusion of gopals room enquiry.new ids(themobileexpert,chennaimobiles,npediatech).

Yesterdays missed points:Banks minimum balance issue of gopal: days Flash of gettting references of Realtors from DOcument Writers at each reg office.
eprarthana and saranam were avaialble at twitter. called Loka same number retained.Thulasis new cell number saved.When who will be hero is unknown issue.

Earliar non supportive issues pf thulasi were haunting me to decide about thulasis order supply this time too.

chanukya supplier.last 10 years development of google seen and how will be twitter development???.Call from hdfc again???.iamsrk,priyankas villages adoptation issue.When chance comes people are helping so need to wait.

To check reverse of evnets from today again.

vislesh.com rakta thilakam: rama raos cell number:98665-78292

s c basavaiah: sarvesh friend: tie up seen.thiruveedi ramanaiah:13 years celibrations chance noted.

8th march post

Surprice call from Gandhi and exchanged lot of information.3 more bookings for the day.Night Chengaiah met and head ache of kamalakar noted.leopackers id again.

checked entire blogs and cam did from jan 1 st important ponts listed.Morning bank deposit of gopal work.Today in evening work i met one dentist her close touch has surprised me and any friend may meet so suddenly.as i waited someone has taken idbifortis id thats costly miss.
SWOT analysed yesterday at home.Even a smaller injury also difficult to face.To share talents like gandhi.New pen and Book.To think how many client can be fetched thru ennadu claasified adverticement.To email twitter.


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