Friday, March 05, 2010

5th march post

What has happend to Surendra and thulasi?? yet good day with 5 cash entires of document writers and few introductions and info of 23 registration offices in Chittor. managed to post collected entries.Suffered with overnight abuse activity but managed the day.Lot of surprising.

3 hours surfing: new knowledge in twitter script,social media,

lot of other developments in marketing: have a feedback form:feed them and ask next;2.5 Alexa ranks gained.Blog posted and printout took.

Tablets and shaving cream purchased.2 visits to syams site seen.
Clones similar of twitter of china and googles purchase of some site info got through net.Googles reach is 40% and twitters is close to 6%.www.CNN.coms twitters story also got.priyanaks chopra blog read.Flash marketing strategy of tweeting free to all clints abt stamp vendors at tpt.

To target high income earning people.
Mothers complaint again need to be faced.2 times to syams shop.

4 march post

Very cool atmosphere at morning session at ttd ad buildings spent there reading blog prints for 2 hours at morning spent happy time.At home checked how i closed net bookings and income levels from jan 2010.Segregated papers at marketing bag further trimmed it.To Syams shop met Niranjan and asked him about realtors entry.mama told funny story of narada.

Field work followed met drugs officer asked to meet on 11 th or 12 th.Luckily 3 entries closed and one more entry for evening and some data net time 5 new ids again namdharievents,ushalexus,exideindustries,wepindia,winsarinfo. Read about twitter squatting etc 7 prints took.Renued few ids of due date.
Morning call from Surendra.spent some time with Kamal.
Afternoon log in again read and took prints of twitter rules etc felt very much confused afetr reading rules and felt insure.registration office survey did and new information of availability of document wrters known.

Disappointment came after calling Bliss GM to be cafeful from now and new turn for the day is Suresh krishna complex owner buying idol settlement.Water arranged at home much advanced this time.Twitter gadjects,buttons info known.home pages layout of twitter and blogger seen.
Food and energy levels failed to maintain.Joined jana at night and while coming back met kamalakar. whole day felt hardpressed for completion of tasks.


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