Friday, February 26, 2010

25 th feb post

Morning woke up and fresh thought came in as who will become next fav in RX.To day i Had second reading tweets prints.Today was very promising day as my earliar data of geocities listings can be recovered with oocities a mirror site whom i have thought lost totally.36 emails sent to get twitter contract and saved them on yahoo address book.Prepared new mailer for and printout took.More information thru google maps(cambridge school).Blog posted and took print.5 more t ids again to fold.apcofabrics,cityunionbank,davidsonhotels,dollarrest.oocities.
read M F Hussain citizenchip news at the hindu read.Enjoyed the fresh shaving Brush comfort at home.Satyams call from nellore is welcome sign.

Closure of geocities was on 27/10/2009.i have covered so far for web listings 17 places in the past again all of them can be tried for income.New marketing strategy developed( ie;expand veduku,co promotion of idols,and continue t ids work is the game now)margproperties in on twitter.Twitter messges to Telangana people and result also knowledge of teampriyanka.web guys calls received but rejected google pages seen.

Suffered eye strain.Morning work got compromised beyond reasons.scorching sun at afternoon.managed heavy washing of clothes for the day.Even though attended Syams shop 2 times. Dudi narasimha rao new social media many relatives of them were known.Financial crunch was aproaching faster Syam Duvvuru.Lost temper at home and related disturbance suffered for whole day reason was Moms deaffness unexpected traps continued.Worked on bliss hotel for some time again.

evening cell followup of Ladies hostel gave surprise result and that saved for the day and also got one commitment for tommmorow from Chips guy.Worst net experience at globalpark with that ended the day.

here is how i have sailed past


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