Wednesday, February 24, 2010

23 rd feb post

As i have feared about tuesday(usually considered to be Un aspecious)i planned to close the day more early so after 15 calls and meeting babu still there wasnt any success.Pullaiah eye glass people were buy but his son was helpful.some adderesses got into continued and sekahar opticals guy closed.met meenakshi his son, anand vihar hotels (un happy seen).Legs are not Co operating this is a clear message.Co promotion Idea has emerged.Quote very less for twitter ids on hand can this idea be successful?.Electronic shops survey gave new hope.

afetr vacating lodge (before this help of old man lodge boy seen)Got into auto but auto guys smartness seen.had quick lunch and boarded kurnool bus as usual argumnets and Drivers courage seen.
I must start the renewal work of twitter ids.

Thinsga fetr reaching Tpt:web guys poor response:Chalapatis sirs 3 idols expectation failed.mamas nice entertainment.Activated rim rs 20/-.
Morning news paers cuttings new hope.
Night session posted 3 entries.Took Twitter printouts.
To check abt new web addresses: Esillorindia,huechem,apcofabreics:

22nd feb post

As iam posting this days blog very late this one looks to be a reference diarectory for me alone(no problem anyway ther's no one to read me and comment)So this day after meeting babu (lab technitian)after few bouncers i continued my work Success started with One jeweller(sorry i have updated his entry some where).

So after jewellers entry quickly got A1 cloth guys entry into fold followed by another entry who had computer and email.afternoon gave new success with coffee entry and Kirloskars,Priya sweets and Veg hotel giy with rs 200/-.finally days rsult knotched up with rs 800/-.

new cyber cafe on hand kept on few points of kdslayer.finally vasus bro suri met his number got: 9642338339.
days incoming calls web guy,syams abt indiaclassifieds,dress shortage noted.sit ups at room managed.
Work without Byke problem unders tood.(to check Darga,urusu)


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