Friday, February 19, 2010

18 th feb

Morning decided to leave to kadapa.So afetr net surfing told mother and staarted to kodur.Driver reckless driving reached Kodur and did small survey there data collection booked one enrty cash and one credit listing.found that there was no reg office and started to pullampet from there to rajampet at rajampet surprising result got.After brief reast headed to kadapa and took lodge on the way roads seen and developments of roadside constructions watched.
Took 2 dailies ina quick time but almost tyred due to more walking and heacy weight of luggage.New swati,note book,Lux enquired bus to Gollapalli.
Call from chalapati gudur for idols for wedday.
19 feb: morning walked to stadium lof of crowd seen there.after sit ups back to lodge.Tried to catch vasu but he was not available.Met Babu and found some information took vasus ph number and putta news noted.Most important development for the day is Id card and Visiting cards are ready here.hat purchased.

Headed to Sidhout and on theway seen 16 th battalion and new bridge over penna.Met sr lady there and need of knowing before going is better.From there to badvel seen roads but boring jouney again afer failure there returened kadapa and tried at Hospaital came back to room shifted to new room and then to Cyber cafe.Insecurity again beagan.Printers address msut be on hand.Data can be collected from each place.To try fully subscription idea.


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