Saturday, February 13, 2010

13 th feb post

100 new email got into fold.goplas view and standpoint.helped syam.unable to do new calls.2 days blogs managed.8 entries managed.kamlakars phone call but new turn.i must plan to have minimumactivations 4 the day.Plan like selling 7 number frame in twitter.
4 prints took.heat has progressed.gave pricelist to hostel lady.print of emailed to for frames selling took. flash of quick sail past needed. balus personal tweet.leg pains and un easy.wash of 3 pants.

1 34 379 traffic ranks improved.purchased stamlo,files,lux soap.Unable to meet sai sresses.New hope of realtors chance of kolkata.

difficult things in life;
marriage,become minister,house owner,lord darshan,catching winner,girl frien,tc,good dreass,car,laptop,doctor,a highly paid job,below one lakh traffic rank.

trailin behind:

2.pending data
3.Bag repair
4.vdk visiting cards
5.vetuku postal renewal cut &color
7.Team Building care code
11.fresh data at nt
12.munawwer and sail past others dues
13.try again twitter accounts.
15.eye glass,byke repair.
16.expansion code at veduku
18.get twitter social media contacts.

feb 11 th post

Due to followup night got diagnostics payment with that 6k 4 the day.all of them closed in few minutes.Kokata guys email story gave new hope 4 the day.Voveran dose missed and suffered.orionmobiles into fold.Met Elysian.Data collection call from someone.Evening collected 10 more biz cards from the market.
With syam seen new idol at Gopi shop but morning field work got compromised.The only money is 30 to email.Read one article about Social networking in Jyothi.Sr sri article.
days closings Prameela tailors,Ericson,Surya opticals.Morning 9,10,11 th feb news papers cuttings did.

12 th feb:

Moning kamlakar joined back Salt effect auto guys with team and differences with Ramoji.Missed net.ragunath reddy free diary.kamal gave to I16 tachnology guy.3 glasses by day wasted.10 000 sms of vodafone.Fired Mynaa guys.activated rs 20/-.


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