Wednesday, February 10, 2010

9th feb post

Afetr usual morning papers reading at ad bldgs things started to home read 2 times latest blog of kdslayer.Moms complaint on bujjis daughter.To Syams shop from there to field.Tuesdays effect felt purely.
days calls:
1.chips corner lady studio card took. to nazaar travel. shop.
5.fortuna net
6.Ready mades shop (jana)
7.Hair cutting up stairs.
8.Ladies Tailor(pnone)
9.Slippers shop.
10.Dentist card took.
11.Speech hearing
12.Security card took.
13.Ar Travels.
14.Fed ex (card given) creams phone did.
16.Munawwer met seen his new gown and discussions.

Afetr lunch net followed with 2 new ids(matrusri,mehta hospitals.)
evening woodshoppe web site work called Kamlakar.
took rs 100/- from mom and 50/- from syam.
blog posted and tweets continued.
night 7 new web sites ids.Shailendra babu bangalore financier.expectation failed at syam.suffered for funds today.


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