Thursday, February 04, 2010

2 nd feb post

After going to Syam office met with syam mama and headed to field work and met chaitus and Met Chekri.Phone to Giri of Srivari realtors by Ramoji.Morning Chandra came to home we headed to syams shop and shown him Inkjet prints etc.By afternoon things started changing with kamalakars cheque issue.By evening he asked me to join him to nellore so we headed by night to nellore.Evening Gopals frind Subba rao came and took 3 calenders and paid me money.

R&D details large energies spent in life for: Rx,Web Vetuku,Twitter Idols:Answer investment needed.

3rd Feb post:
After reaching nellore very early morning Struggled out at bus stand without sleep and in rest room and mosquitos stings.Reached Seema cafe area and managed room from there met Moan ex (B E) he gave jayram reddys cell number.quickly purchased all loacal dailies and scanned all of them including Zamyn ryot and lawyer weekly and nellore calling and other loacal news papers nothing of any imporatant ads or hope thru this activity.After this had batha at lodge and statrted ato activate all nellore contacts rx jana came and rama chandra reddy rx came and discussed.joined kamalakars work of bank and that continued till after noon and lunch followed before this met seenaiah.
More Coffees and tea had Row over Tiffen by kamal.INRs son Vijaya met.Anands ill health noted.After noon tried reg office and sapace age got 2 payments luckily and net work(gri nd some one at office) help noted.
many things discussed with Bramha reddy and kamalakar at swatantra park after this inr met he said about one quote("tagginchukunte Avesham bratukanta prkasham").Bramha reddy asked to locate him for any job at Tirupati.

Night session giri and Vijya joined at drinks and had discussions.After Komala dinner retired to bed.Somehow managed mosquitos menace.
@ new banks exposed 4 the day.Not telling mom abt nellore traval pinching.Cell phone currency levels alarming called ramoji twice.theres no clear assurance for future disturbing.After calling narsimha he gave assurance of 1 week.Over all nellore trip is susccessful.called seshu for fan.Call from Murali Web guy and said twitter similar site can be managed with 7 k. Seenaihs reccomendation noted.


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