Saturday, January 30, 2010

29th jan post

Morning Rx jana called and had long chat.Some how motivated syam to have a gr homes site visit( very speedy ride) and also managed to create Quotation and met them and given it but to be careful in spell checks.Morning managed sit ups.Along wait for syam at his shop.morning met web developer and had some knowledge.Purchased pen.
At net time posted beauty entry and 2 days pending blogs and also blocked 2 more twitter ids(WALLACEPHARMA AND LAVAMOBILES).Samall bouncer at hotel for papad.Evening managed rs 50/- and kamalakars contribution.Eve session work met lemon leaf and vegitable shop and also seen beauti parlour.Fedw more emails received from bliss to be promoted.For real estates development at syams shop seems to be developing.Read Swati magazyne about that article.Discussion with Honey hotel manager.


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