Friday, January 29, 2010

27th January post

Dint lift Calls from rx jana morning work compromised due to eenadu ad for team.Income levels of Chinni known.Decided to do 5 plus 5 calls phone and personal as new strategy.Gopals shirt without pocket related head ache suffered.Swati reas swatipublications .com noted.Visited Naidu home with Syam and Niranjan.kamlakars cash expectation failed.Brought Mom tea powder and biscuits.IDBI bank launch missed.Call from akka and sekhars news.tbztheoriginal id to fold.

Hit list created at shop.Evening work at tiruchanur area.

28 tn jan post
Finally closed beauty parlour at evening and that saved for the hope emerged after meeting giri of bollineni with ads concept.From the morning phone calls were made as attempts.met 3 travels guys. met marriage consultancy.used the cell phone to somewhat extent.Pravtteka english.missed to post net entries.jana activated.Catway guy phone calls.Apreciation by Syam mama.herbalife guy.My daily expences listed out.

Fire power on hand from bliss.


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