Saturday, January 23, 2010

23 rd jan post

Read back nov 2009 posts,had 800,3 more new ids,4 more new drivers into fold,rx card read,paid dhobi,posted 4 entries,had apple,called marriage consultancy,posted 2 pending entries blog,seen bollineni web site.

phone calls and ads followup success for the day.

22nd Jan post

Radha sapthami day! people were seen rushing at market area.Morning heavy load of news papers CAM.Again crunch at hand continued.Missed to buy Jyothi news paper.Missed to post net entires too.Quick morning work gave one result of Dental doctor.After attending syam shop headed to field.met sahai it was very dull.Over night dream of Kamalakar disturbed much.Shiva nanda doctor met at shop.After noon Registration office payment gave small solace.Met hotel guy closed it and headed to Vegitable shop and seen many Varieties of vegitables.
Phone calls activation include Muni.After noon felt very much tired and slept for some time.One sudden development of Giri realtor (bollineni group met)hope web banner emerged.1 hour work at temple gave another 11 new drivers data.Gandhis friend Sankar met on the be more refined in expressing Optimist and pessimist dialogue.One who manged the show is much smart says syams mama.Trials include today vellabs.

21 st jan post

Funds crunch was worst at hand suffered even for tablets but surprisingly Mom gave some amount.After reaching syams shop with followup he recharged the seconds billing with rs 100/- this was long awaited work(names suresh and srinivas).things must change with this development.afternoon quite painstakingly completed the drivers list from cuber cafe.Poor lunch at home.Water also arranged at home.bulk SMS information noted.OC ga AV dialogue by chinni.Dhobis daughter id Printbellis added.New flash of designing visiting cards with chandu and marketing them.


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