Tuesday, January 19, 2010

18th January post

Lot of unexpected things have happend today.Discussion with one teacher of Mess at tiffen time.Reduced 25 visiting cards from pocket.Starting from SBI bank hare krishna road launch and my intoduction and followed by Federal bank people(they gave nice calender) interaction going to Renigunta and tremendous frustation followed some how managed with one enginners entry.Evening session work at iscon gave new insights as people started coming to syam shop and many new drivers got into fold again and one family from Nellore (chinnis)gave visting card.People from hyderabad also gave visiting card.My language skills were apreciated by syam at his shop this is one satisfaction.Syams 25 lakh gold news.

phone calls include Surendra,Bhimas,Sahai(22nd friday).One optical shop card at k.t road.Ramojis expectation and my comment was un expected.Followup at Chekri(Reddy,Sunil,nagabhushanam)Data from renigunta in hand (7 visiting cards).
Managed Blog at afternoon.
Suffered without pen Vellabs discussion,managed another id Nippobatteries,No rest at afternoon.Siva laminations met.Flash of collecting visiting cards from known people.Cash crunch at hand and no help from Ramoji and ugly turn by kamalakar for the day.Nail cut for the day must a nice move.


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