Saturday, January 16, 2010

14 th jan 2010

Morning after caling syam mama as shop was closed so total programme got disturbed.Second day of sacncranti festival mostly spent at home organising news papers from jan 1st with back pain.No calls from 12 am to 5 pm felt alone.At evening after posting blog went to Avatar movie for 3rd time still felt many new things.New point of the movie is to have many worriors.kamlakar met.
jan 15 th post:
Morning starategy shifted and went around AIR bypass road and Kapilatheertham area one hotel board seen fe new areas got address was vegitable shop and lemon tree restaurant.Though being kanuma festival day no nice food at home and added to this Solar eclipse and nice chance of going to village also missed.Lot of discussions with team memebers but one guy bored up most.
To think on as how to grab market share of Pilgrims to Tirupati.To color the important events at my address book work to do r&d.Confidence of advertisers.thoughts of what exposure i have so far in life.Had biriyani finally and slept.


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