Saturday, January 02, 2010

1 st january 2010

New year day :

Called many of friends and brought back contacts and wishes many friends.Night jana met and new knowledge for email promo rates known.Unable to do market calls.Ugly turn at night had to be faced due to no money on hands yet managed the day with Sridhar.Afternoon felt bored up as no shops were opend due to new year.

Surprisingly mama bujji venkatesh were the people called me and wished.Renued the contacts with Bhawani thru yahoo,narasimha(couldnot respond well when called him),Syam(he was very dynamic)Gandhi(no chnage of his attitude)cyber cafe lady,golden plaza girl wished(impressive)venkatesh,Signinn,sahai,global park(not available wishes dress guy,Seenaiah,Bramha reddy,Chalapati sir gudur,Munawwer was not avaialable,Bawa,bujji,Tea shop,oldman,watchman,Ankama rao,Down grocery guy(surprising act)Military(cunning),Canteen,Domnic (very happy to get call from me,Jana,Plus twitter guys.Obaiah.

Read email of bliss again.4 news papers on hand.butterflyindia is new id added.

Morning Ennadu paper missed (poor planning here)


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