Tuesday, December 29, 2009

28th dcember

Some times we need to belive in miracles and that happend today of the need security systems called while struggling to close someone new potenciality knowledge also from him noted..Today spent 3 hours net and had printout of all the ids.signin cafe good speed but toxic smell was problem.Major indian companies almost over.added few more ids from unified andhara id.Continued tweeting work.One real estates guy also closed.Read trazzler writing tips at home.Denial tweet by that lady was new knowledge.Obaiahs good wish was another encouragement.Avtar movie traffic ranks was new knowledge.3 more ids added.Last month analysis did.Headache of that twitvert??.

Days bad luck stories include Electrician rejection ramoji usual comment and unnessisary money spent at night.Unbearable nagging at home.


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