Monday, December 21, 2009

19th and 20th december posts

19th december;

Days major success stories include cash and letter from Bliss hotel and cash from Anusha travels more so Ramojis offer of not expecting from those 2 deals plus syam met at offered to join his team again.Tweets continued and surpassed Kamla.Flash idea is to catch a american company to tweet.New knowledge for the day about social network is wether twitter or facebook is popular and offcial blogs of fotune 500 and twitter seen.2 more ids again to fold networthdirect,icodetech.Trazzler r&d continued.

Big surprise of the day is Syam said he is tracking my blog.Bad thing of the day is death news of nagaiah.
20 th december:
Decided to watch movie AVTAR but after watching it lost grip on proceedings of the day and slept.Not checked net for the whole day.Nothing of any sort of developments for the day.To careful on future about Paying amounts when after having tiffen.Looked bit over reactive after visiting kamlakars father and once again felt much insecure on ill health.

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