Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 th december post

Insecurity again haunting due to poor response everywhere even though worked with ramoji bliss,kattula,varadarajan,bhimas,lus bhimas murali.some information got at bhimas residency.thulasi continued to miss.amway guys followup.kamlakars wrong news?.Good response with Goi idols guy.Entered facebook network also.Hubli guys tweet.New knowledge of twitter is to enter discussions too.

Kamlakar plus oint is be very pure.New account with reliance again due to power failure.head ache due to no power at home at morning.hits to vilekhari key at hand.web site seems to be getting many hits than blog.Curd stunt at home.during sleep that alternative ids of twitter knowledge tbr1912 or something.some of the ids on hand identified as ecom sites.Bundh call at tirupati continued for 2 nd day.


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