Thursday, December 10, 2009

9th December post

Today few Famous companies ids added to fold they include arvindmills
211.itcportal 212.airsahara 213.bombaydyeing 214,morestore and american companies knowledge.Manged to do some of field calls for the day one of them (car decors was successful)In morning net session seached for successful companies but failures companies list came out surprisingly as result.Days new knowledge is we must post comments on others blogs to get more readers.

Afternoon by moms force paid rent to house owner and related pressure noted.Gandhis messge for the day.Boredom with twitter noted as for very slow growth.To wite goos stories on twitter as someones tip.Good response with Ramojis call.Per cutting work continues at home.Tailors payment failure again.
Morning organised my marketing kit bag removed few unnessisary papers from it.Amways subbus continued followup noted.At home in morning written ads on hand.
As usual night boredom unbearable.


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