Tuesday, December 08, 2009

7 th december post

Days are just running without any twitter progress despite what ever agressive plans i do. morning analysed last 20 years data of past.At cafe jana met but his attitude is totally non cooperative and i cant do any thing at present.Same with gandhi at afternoon his involvement is great but no cooperation again.Sudden change at home had lunch and dinner at home.Changaiah met online and his interest in knowing the things was also encouraging thigs for the day.

Morning net continued for 2 and half hours with tremoundous knowledge gained in date of births of many big dot com ventures and list of 2000 companies of forbes and stock and nse etc.this new Dig of the day to me.knowledge levels are part of every day but when will i get untimate result i dont know.including bhimas and twitter consolidation work.

Net information: chakpak: 2121 is amaging,googles market capitalization,indianbank,another id is pustakmahal,money controls traffic rank 574, plus,yelp 344, youtube 2005,inasra 2005,labnol 2855,alexa daily graph,and idea of targetting american company and many companies seen from american base.

Evening boredom unable to bear.


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