Saturday, December 05, 2009

4 th december post

Tried very hard with energies with new decicion to get tweetr job with ids on hand mailed to many of them result to be seen but i must go to them and plsn for that.Spent almost 4 hours at net and got one more powerful id from chennai base i must try out this(Inasra)with good traffic rank around 30 000.Address collection work of ids continued in both the sessions.

At home analysed ids on hand and surprisingly found that 40 plus of them are useless.still 170 of them are hopeful.At field got 1 entry payment but not concentrated on work.

Days discomfortable seens includes kamalas argument(to be very careful here next,tailors non payment(new decicion emerged with this),Murali(kashmir)expectation,Amways call,Green chillies effect at morning tiffen very slow net.


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