Wednesday, November 25, 2009

24 th november post

This day brought me lot of good luck.First call from Mama and next followed Gopals invitation for that shirt.before this hunger levels need to cut of with eating idlis at same place.after a stunt of Ramojis tiffen offer i went to web cafe.At morning net time surprisingly thulasi came but frequent dc s have troubled.
With Murali met Munawwer.

Real things started moving at home with phone calls to Murali,fineply,ashwin gandhi.i called subbu also for Amaway in retunrn he called back.

Final result for the day came in evening work with 2 big surprises with this new knowledge is i must concentrate on decicion making visitng card and news paper effect and leaflet known.
Today i invested rs 60/- for mobile thats big investment.mailed to Daren and in night net session more knowlwedge gained on world wide twitter some one blocked official twitter web site abig surprise to me but confidence gaining point.
Chengaiah met at net gave his ph number 60102633521.i ended session with R&d with chitranajali account.

Idea of giving an ad in news paper for official tweeter is propping up.
Final dash came up with Ramoji and Sridhars meeting at konark.


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