Monday, November 16, 2009

16 th nov post

Somehow managed to call Premier mills,Lupinlabs,Model travels,sindhu travels,morning calls include car decorators,ramee,ramee gifts,ramee travels,eve Storm,Bhimas,phone calls include narsimha,Ramoji,SEENAIH.

Followup og Pellipeetalu,did.kamalakar,added chitranjali twiiter followers heavy body pains are alarming??

15th november posr

Sunday being boring one but managed with net mosrly watching vedeos how to have more followers on twitter and most inspirinf speeches and enjoyed watching them and got motivated again.
Relaince account got eveporated to have more followers we need to ask question and follow who follows back again.printout of ids took on hand.acrivated rim no calls to me on sunday new knowledge thru kamalakar on gmail chat.


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