Thursday, November 12, 2009

november 12 th post

Evening work was successful with Reg office & Com taxes.activated 6 more ids frigedex,tirupatibhimas,grand_world,Ap_lusk,fineply,getitchennai.New Reliance activation.
Afternoon tried to call few of phone numbers of twitter ids and good response and confidence got.(pellisandadi,themobilestore,vummidi,univercell)called Aswin but not much of encouragement noted.
Net R&d includes drutthama,camera_centre,pellipeetalu,goldenplaza,sahai deals fridgedex.
Morning distribution of papers gave new information at Raunaq,distributed to mahaveer,Sree mahaveer,Car decors,etc.

Thulasi met at chat but she was upset for me not joining her network she gave offer of jasmies to export.

november 11th post

Morning after kamlakar met we went to kapilathertham to see Waterfall there and felt very happy there there were so many ayyappa devotees there.
Failed again at home when Mom put pressure.
After login at reliance blocked reliancemart Cgglobal blocked.r&d continued at net twitter presence of fortune 500 seen and their blogs also seen.Prmotional work of Shaidelas,goldenplaza started.thulasi met at chat.

Morning field work failed but evening managed hotel Bliss call and took money at frigedex with insuffieciant dinner to home.


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