Sunday, November 08, 2009

7th november post

Morning was horrible with hunger pangs i studied how i spent last 3 months thru note books scribbling.Rain continued today forcing me to change the entire days plans and that led to spend more time on net cafe.i Spent most of the time in sending tweets and emails to twitter ids and r&d.At some point of time felt bored and discouraged with poor response of twitter.Prabhakaran was side by side after the chat is over he gave nice encouragement.Kamalakar also came and joined for some time.Call from Narasimha and Ashwin also talked.Read MBA information on wikipedia.

Sold 2 laminations to Ankama rao and also collected Sravani payments.missed lunch.

Very early to home surprise call from jana and chengaiah also called.thats how they day went.


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