Friday, November 06, 2009

5 th novenber

Days are just like that passing today rain almost spoiled activity again yet i managed to do few calls at morning.Eye infection also troubled the work.During the work at Sravaya computers new offer of leaflet distribution came in suddenly.

At net time again 3 more important ids to my fold.Still no replies from any corporates for twitter campains are giving lot of insecurity i need to fight it out.kamlakar asked help so gave him rs 100/-.few more teets and tuned veduku.

At night ramoji called chengaiah s food habits were ackward.met Munawwer and metlife guy had nice time.Days flash is have as many partner like team mates.

Had lunch at home after very long time.rim recharge and Tablets few other things were unexpected expenses for the day.suffered heavy back pain in fact it was alarming.
Follow Aplusk and that ladys blogs and vedeos were interesting.gandhis call was surprising.


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