Thursday, November 05, 2009

5 th november

Rain havoc continued here in tirupati as well but as pressure haunted me i had to work so i worked in the fields but obruptly had to stop due to offer of leaflet distribution from Sravya.Morning somw what R&d did on indian top pharma companies.Suffering from some eye infection from mrning and heavy bosy pains and insecurity of funds continued.

4 th november post

Days are moving pretty fast where iam leading i dont know iam trying my best with attempts.Morning it rained heavily at nellore so i had to wait at room and watch TV mostly.Soon i got call from printer saying paper is ready so i had to rush back to tirupati obruptly but suffered in bus travel with un easyness.Even after reaching tirupati it rained but i still managed to distibute papers to few people.
Prabhakaran commented against english and spell checks.

In future i must be careful in DTP spell checks few new things new knowledge gained during distribution.
At net received replys from twitter for enquiry.night altercation emerged as usual.


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