Monday, June 15, 2009


Monday received r k payment,deposited check in bank at global park color xerox effect seen.evening session seen many good sites theme.night venkatesh further tightened gave jana banner payment.evening rain spoiled the work.even then tried edgemont and hope at strom.kept roses at vilekhari blog.most of rd continued for rx at room.

14 th june

double of mallya missed.another losing day due to poor finance.night managed to travel back to tirupati from banagalore.luckly saved keys at morning.

mondays work continued at tirupati.called gandhi,jana,balu,satyam,

morning color xerox efeect at global park.some pain in ubdomin area is creating quite uneasy??surendra and ramachandra called me.

doubt about liver cirosis? evening rain disturbance?
rx further enhanced.painting of room payment got for the day.
left over chances at hand.

vdk developed further.vtk paper to launch soon.rx hope with others capital.gandhi.knowledge of 48 ways to power.idol big donors idea.veduku expansion work to quicken.


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