Thursday, June 04, 2009

4 th may

many failures for the day.tried venkatesh mobiles.called janardhan,ravi rx.that schools,akshara commitment form jana to develop content.eve live in style cheque posted.tried banaians,dress.andhara spice.

3 rd may

sit ups continued at idea of tapping schools tried for the day.english payment recd.met innovative school.gave letter andhra spice.met blue petals.met balaji interiors.nellore guy sekhar met at paid.

future hopes now:

to start news paper quickly and dankalu.quickly expand to other places. decide rx hope faster.try with telugu leaflet.try for funders thru ads.newly developed leaflet and bangalore cards on hand.vacate bangalore room and reduce expenses appoint team.quickly develop vdk.more and more direct attacks.fix a nice target for all adverticers.


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