Friday, May 29, 2009

26th may post

saptagiri pipes tpt closed,ramojis head ache new point noted,logo of vdk improved,sticker work at janas home,new cards of furniture callocted,thulasis message received,managed wash,spent time at janas home ice creams to bhavana.abtus kept at vdk.

27th may post:
white wash day at room total morning disturbed. unable to expect huge starin of the day of carring things.many useless things clered at room.evening nice furniture and body buildings payments got.
cleared many cards from pocket.
unexpected meeting with jana but that led to un nessisary unsatisfaction.
28 th may
a/c is must:survey at renigunta road card Yalamuri:at net few things posted.
surprisingly world of Tiatan booked for the day.

29th may posts:
quickly managed morning reading of news papers and sit ups and all news papers and cutting work of all schools(tatalling to 22 schools.) did at room that took lot of time.Gate address seen,sahil cars,another intretiors shops at korla gunta,geethanjali school,one sai lodge,one bosy building at anna raos circle,Sri chaitanys colege,ratnam iit address,7 hills school,again bad wethers effect.
managed to book Buy and save,follow up of live in style did.

new photo work compleated.Surendra the option is to concentrate only web listings.


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