Monday, May 18, 2009

18 th mor

got quickly to park with 3 news papers.there disturbed by some one for news papers.chiranjeevis thanks add in all news papers was good move.theres big pressure hunting me for the calls.quickly managed to net cafe by 9.50 am after leaving cloths at dhobi.days progress needs to be watched.again sit ups target surpassed.

At sai college shown vdk and booked his maxima Edmond aproval got.Tried Krity and got payment then things started moving in right direction.she said to edit site with latest updates.tried with one mens beauty.More card took.suddenly one computer guy gave claasified entry.
Evening got payment of balaji and dj also booked.few more cards collected.balaji recommended one guy also.

again head ache from ramoji at night.

19 th may post
quickly to park bit early weather is very bad for the day.segregated all visiting cards on disturbed in evening.loaded few scans for the day.idea re launching news paper and quickexpansions.
at morning surprisingly booked yaswant systems.i need not look back from now day around 14 calls did.naidu cell,obul reddy,valluri,yashwant,rk jewellery,sigma,om ,regency,shankar digitals,royal digitals,ismail watch,civil eniginner krishna complex,eve olympic cards.
total cards on hand amounted to 300.
skf ads were 118,kaliyuga narada were 84.
20 th may posting.
mor for payment at sai beri street failed.long discussion with impact multimedia new ideas noted.payment from Edmond got surprisingly.met focuson the way met chandara new idea developed.met veejay,laxmi,himalays bags,ffot lockers,
at room large spider plans capture entire andhra initially weak areas to concentrate.latest irritations analysed.evening work disturbed.helpline further consolidated.feed first new idea.kept helpline in google urls and spidered it again. current strengh of helpline is 400 entries.just dial started with only 40 launching of my add.


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