Friday, May 08, 2009

may 6 th and 7th posts

sribalaji script posted,e gujarat enq at net,long discussion at night with watchman,and chandra.days important thing is read articles on net about how small businesses fail(6 months capital,advertisements,team).call from mom,homoeo call did lady.
Still anandanilayams can be sold to corporates,to forget about working alone,who will listen to whom?flash.
around 20 postings with discription from archived data.
days closed web page work of lovely fashions.from now to record every record of minute details.reference from sridhar for web site.

worked with home computer morning and evening,can see many new persons daily.managed to wash anget the dress from dhobi,heat,heat and heat????
but far...
messaged to gandi,thulasi,deepak,

may 7th post;
2 NEWS DAILIES DIDNT GIVE ANY hope at all,but sudden surprise of closing 2 surgical agencies,couldnot surrender to lovely fashions money,many market calls did 4 the day,discussion with murali gave new hope,venkatesh also joined at evening.closed koundinya a new hope.why frequent hunger pangs?heat raised for the day.
sankyos call noted.commitment from vignesh hotel got for the day for saturday at him new url noted at url and new keywords at surgical shops have seen.spent some time at koneti katta.
on the whole 2 customers were booked for the day.


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