Thursday, April 30, 2009

29th april

paid for net connection,balaji and handrwriting work wed design developed,sindhuri payment got,night failed at 2 places.but again 4 ppl after long time.after noon was very hot.water bottles guy news.
phone follow ups more new shirt added.30 more new xerox of letters,3 xerox,hutch renewal.

very expensive day.

28th april

28 th april.. post>>>>>gave letter to next,got order of balaji group surprisingly because i attempted it,new hope from care care (koundinya)as day was cool evening work started bit early. mor rk info balajichoudary from that auto guy,sai hotel near ramanujam circle,lavanya interior also met,and even kriti also met,tried khazana jewellry also.

eve yashwant met,gifts guy and patel jewellers,live in style also met.

27 th apiril

my postal mailer to vision tele earliar was solid back grounder and it saved me and that was new thing for the ads box segregated. now quickly to decide and plan next activity.
fronpage and computer earth work continued to be under pending.
>>>>>Team is must seen effect at munawwer.

brought back laminations from bhimas,wished ravi,to sv arts college,wished few ppl at net new message idea of read blog,iam i at striking position at hand??most of gold shops were busy.also sai nirmala failure?/reebok ,zermany,my calls strom,labs,bhaskar raju,gurujis effect,mantrs effect at k katta a new inspiration.from now i will call then only go.

watch new trends and concepts at blog like missing blacks.

27 th april tele payment got,new ads file seen,eve is less heat,ice berg payment got,visited lab,strom,handwriting guy payment failure noted,met University xerox,color lab payemnt also got,lavanya girl met,reebok shop tried,opticals also tried,letter to foot lockers given,sai nirmala foolwed,broght back laminations from bhimas lodge

26 th april

more new knowledge from Munawwer somewhat good day my pattudala was success for the day.that curtains guy s commitment was utter flop.and bhaskar raju couldnot keep his word.and another bouncer from marble guy .surprise success at chill thril.
trmendous rush for ashya tritiya at gold shops.
survey at renigunta road also managed.


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