Saturday, April 25, 2009

24 th april

as usual to park.

days calls started at 11.10 am and with that printout to surgical agencies 2 success,to dhl courier was success and Bindu continued.eve that jewellers also in the after noon press note tried.english guy also gave order for 2 k surprisingly.
but surprisingly hicup after calls from kistaiah and micro vijendra.night slept early had sleep but got up early.

23 rd april post

23 rd april:
elections day mostly at home.7 news papers scanned.surprice ababuraos call.election tention continued.lonelyness also contd.very poor planning need to accelerate income plans becuase very low banl balance??.at puja time scanned most of english proverbs.missed faternoon flash for income is identify more lord devottes and big ads guys.keep a pen and book near puja increse more nuclear word that 48 ways to power.

plans; try english guy at 6 pm and bindu.load more entries first,plan that press note.cut election day ads of sakshi,use more of phone power, earliar clints.load lavanya interiors and also block lavnaya inetriors.try for earth at office.wash few more.try front page.get dress.earn days expenses.

How things started changing??
identified top 100 press and ads strategy of direct byke and new chapal,telugu mailer on hand.repaired byke and chappal and to improve dress dynamics.try only big time ads ram strategy of already loading them first and showing strategy thru 48 ways to power .rim 550.vdk home page development.more newclear effects of proverbs on flash of identify more new donors and clients.


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