Sunday, April 19, 2009

18 th april post

got up bit early with 3 dailies to park there most of the analysis dis with diaries etc.most of the things are slowly getting order.surprisingly thulasi met and there seems to late for 3 rd round of funding.after skipping lot of load of pending entries as per daily ads tried sneha decors.heavy heat noticed at market.byke atrted givinf lot of head born tried.applollo.follow up of sindhuri park payment did with ramoji.evening xerox copies at hand.
at after noon most of the net pending works compleated with 3 hours spening.

Eve 2 entries got paid homoeo and desinger night unexpected intrusion by fellows?.

new hope for the day is 100 cards can fetch 30,000/-.1000 cards is 1 lakh.


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