Saturday, April 18, 2009

17 th april post

morning read all english provebs during puja.Gandhi opened another analysis.Morning calls started with ravi tech,and his introduction to that techno lab and his guidance for fruit juices.tried lasam,silpacommitment got,sushma failed,sai nirmala was success. kriti and lovely have missed..daily ads organised and posted at blog in the morning.biggest mistatke for the day is afternoon to acelerate the things few things are badly needed office and laptop and team.
after noon to movie akasamantha. satish called and asked to take back head idol that was a jolt in reality anyway thats expected lot of time and money was spent on this to be very careful in future.Evening with much difficulty brought back head idol from marg with murali and couldnot keep word with naresh.

.night new plate and one kumar shirt purchased.heavy sweating in evening.some how in the evening called that fashion jewellery guy got commitment for next day.night watchman was playing his skills on me.

16 th april post

Today heart burn thru gopals call Sankyo muralis blank call and avoided Ramojis calls totally.At sindhuri park introduced business deal and gave him 5 visiting cards.(Bhavani prsad.15-530 r r .st.nlr.1)during the calls Discussion with p jain jewellers for long time and i was standing all the way but he has opned eyes of blog and keywords game.gave card to padmavathi medicals got chemists data .tirupati 300,whole sellers are 70,and chittor has almost 2000 retailers.

In the evening energy levels totally failed.At cafe gave cards for scanning but blogger was under maintainance.telugu mailer ready with cahndu.broght news paper and data book from home with a harsh dialogues.
Sunnel textiles payment suddenly got in few seconds with respect.tadys strategy of days ads success with hotel ads confirmed.Jana completed few more banner at vdk.Byke stand welding also compleated.


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