Tuesday, April 14, 2009

14 th april

Surprised to see jyothi home page with huge pictures against congress effect of pictures a new idea while eenadu balanced the act.
had puri at that tamil cafe water helped and again hunger pangs but had parcelled samia upma.days flash....to load all press ads first and take a print out and show them later but to have team for this.
Sudden collapse of prajarajyam by most of news paers surveys,cool water of 2 litre night bottle and even kuja water.mk came at night but sent him away venkatesh and ramiji were missing in the evening.listed out todays ads.days flashes included with some unexpecthings will happen like failure of set alight and to cash such situations.to block kaburlu,pogadta.gave chiru poster of lamination.Idea of developing veduku as a openion builder like where to shop etc.at morning surprised to veduku was listed with many links at google and including tirupatiguide.

seen karunakar reddy at morning on canvassing chat with malli about poitics,suddenly went to chittor road by byke at morning managed to scan most of the news papers.
days calls include fashion jewellery,universal ac mart,took spects,received dress,purchased that ponds cream,met sridhar,met elysian guy blocked at net kriti collections.satish marg guy had commitment from him for payment gave him bangalore card to him,and srinu sindhuri park guy,called jana,inspired chandra on yoga and this was unexpcted move again failed to handle ramoji.some net prints had again and paid rs 40/-.why was new opticals were giving head ache??
sudden trigger of the victory(sudarshan reddy) led to no calls in the evening.

bhumana fm ad:maanaveya viluvalaku pattam kattandi.

days ads:1.royala seema 50 netaji road.2,sai diabetes opp khazana,3.Exibition,4,chandana.5.Jp jewellery,6.sri venkatesa motors renigunta.7.venkateswara enterprises,8.TIME 146 prakasam. also to post yesterday ads also.

And finally some insecurity was looming at for not getting any cash bhoni for the day.linked in is very huge site and freefind count spider all my sites was another dis satis faction for the day.surprisingly ankama rao brother took one lamination unexpectedly and i met him.

falied to buy jankanam,home,setting keywords to tirupatihelpline blog,t shirt,computerram work,

whats are current problems on hand and how to overcome them to note.

13 th april monday post

Call from bjp guy chandu..and avoided totally.but unexpected shock from venkatesh at evening noted.managed to buy tablets.spidedered prarapa,tpthelpline.

tranferd 2 k to y2k,ready to go to market well in advance,thulasi met online,most of web prints abt tpthelplion hand.
calls did at market,vinayaka driving school,students xerox,shilpam (got)florists card recd,heavy back pain,wash did,pepe jeans (rates noted)unexpectedly kooja small water kunda purchased.posted 4 mailers satish,sivanna.

To see wether expecrienced politiciawill win or new comers??.timing failed to wish that mobiles guy.new kukuma,Muggu,sticker purchased.corn sandwitch had due to energy failed.flotist card also took.survet at balaji colony did.most of the scannings loaded at net.paid 100 to global park.

Most promising thing of the day is google has listed out all my blog so fat??. at night ppl beside head ache.at night mynaa payment got.munawwer was hapily telling some thing.?? read how to be aspy at net.

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