Saturday, April 11, 2009

tpt hit list
2.big c
3.political leaders,
4.big hotels,
6.govt employees thry news paper.
7.private advertisers.(mega mart)
8. darshan arragement chances.
9.sinduri park,
10.time,excell,restaurants(andhra spice) dealers,caterers,kalyana manadapams,hardware,
12.schools,colleges,coaching centres,
14.electronis,fashion,hardwares,hospitals and doctors,

11th april post

Good walking rush at that park to carry buiscuits to feed home moms care check secretion for the day it was disturbibg in morning at home and park??some how unexpecdly very cool day??many new things have merged for the day.Raunaq enterprises,mahaveer rs 4000/- in the very final time new hope thry that and 100 from that vedeo shop guy but pressure seen met Srivari divine palace, and problems at Sindhuri payment,Myna.research of top daily ads at morning now data on hand.
days flash target only very established ppl and rich politicians.

keep a cartoon at blog.Daya big ads in news papers...megamart,tmc,big c,reliance,nathella,Khazana,Joy alukkas,sriram life,niit,

most important thing of the day is seen that english movie and now iam a keep pictures of Rahul,yeturi,ys jagan,sonia etc.

seen that narada 6000 phone numbers many scans loaded to net paid rs 100/- still to pay to cyber cafe.mor to home got up very early purchased all news papers.

eve met color xerox guy and gave him rupees 100/- for vdk cards.

evening unexpected problems seen with jana,Murali,venkatesh.gave 100 to murali.

mainly dress effect block "sanyasi".

New puja develpments at office.whats the power of any individual in any party?

failed to transfer bangalore room money.

10th april

After missing chandra for yaga i went to have tea and chandra called and i follwed him to his yoga followed by his home visit in between we had walk at Ginat construction of mahati and watchmans head ache seen at auditorium chandras speech and his wifes word powers seen played with chandras 2nd daughter usage of medical terminology helped.
(count,anticlockwise,lobules,99% health care,gold and dress effects.

To janas home and veduku banners developed including sindhuri park banner,very late to field work but still managed to meet fashion jewellery,Ele software,seena of aristo met his number,94903-58760,Ref sabco Subbarao,Tilor lady, sk xerox, od CADD,manju foods,i news exposure, (at jana home tpyp color ads written.....hotel grand,airtel,fun food,lanaya frames,MG bros,Krishna teja,sai ram motors,neha auto,smile dental,balaji timbers,iiht,SR gym).
marg followup did,Mor Yogi tie up with anakama raos help.


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