Wednesday, April 08, 2009

tommorow plans

marg settlement
sobha payment transfer
cotton t shirt

get payments from aqua,samsung,bhasker opticals,
prints of aquarium,samsung,load freezer,loading content to veduku by jana...future paln..calls at market...anand siva ...vasu...kvr visiting cards...puja oil and chandanam..sindhuri all news papers and analyse...

manage more mailers...

8th apirl posting and analysis

falied to do morning puja,unexpected thing at sindhuri park hotel both n.v.prasad and Chadalavada met there.Sridhar also met at quite unexpectedly at opp bliss bar.

now what i have managed today washed clothes and lenin..manged against sun to read 4 news papers..failed to sleep at after noon bouncer at that lady but watchman managed.most of the handwritg scannings analysed..what has happed to thosemuslim guy at morning?.

ramojis new plan noted..forvara prasad..i need a personal secretary...immediately now..4 scannings had at global park..some confidence gained...faced to handle hdfc..quite unexpectedly...mor 2 orders got oticals..and new refregiration but due to dta got that..whats is trichur....?

Tirupatihelpline blog further developed...Managed washing at 500/- orders booked.met lovey fashions..mor byke failure at University area noted..web orders are coming now...iam krishnam rajus profile loaded on blog...somehow failed to do calls at market. mine solve that...that big add of andhra spice regarding anniversary to be analysed record minute results from now as who helped whom??
todays knowledge thru papers is tirupati voters are only 2,33,476 voters. is alread blocked by someone from vizag??

advanced planning anticipated problems

ramana,hdfc,thulasi,syam,ramana ,krishna complex,bangalore rent,chappal,health problems,heat further may go up,naresh,Subra,viswa shakti,

unexpected advantages of recent past:
Byke jayabal,sekhars marriage and related data,thulasis investment,jana chairs and computeroffice room at tirupati lamination of global park,viswashanti,new data from satyam and hope,prarapa blog and profiles of prajarajyam blog hit.

Where i failed to anticipate a problems:
Boys were leaving and no one was staying:
office at tirupati,bangalore boy,jaybal,nageswara rao,bangalore long leave,syam,no responce to eenadu and vaartha ads,main expectattion to attaned sekhars marriage,jana behavior,no responce to mailers,adsense rejection,gopal non co operartion,failed to raise a team
Thulasi long silence and courier roble,adsense payments eaten away,edn and utham,chanting boxes,bhimas lamination,leaflets printing,

advanced planning:
get next rx bookand try,what if i can capture entire sp market of web pages?how to capture entire yatrikas to tirupati,hotel tie ups tell all friends and nellore pl that i have shop in tirupati.
Office room at tpt and executives and launch vetuku eng lish news paper,Bangalore rent leaflets issue,Get data of building s at tirumala,eys glass byke stand repair,next investors,biruva,next chapal, developments,try corporate orders,


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