Tuesday, April 07, 2009

7th april post

Many chnages seen for the day.. to Hill area 1 hour rest had there..gopala swamy election commisinor police bundobast seen. booked Samsung digital plaza web page. scanned 6 news papers met mom and gopal and had tiffen at home arial survey and gopals change seen.yesterdays 48 ways knowledge utilised today thru "rafi" and jana and ramoji..( avoided ramoji and dictated jana)unexpectedly met sahai computers nice responce got.met munawwer new things noted.purchased rin powder and lux sent clothes.thru folloups got water can to office.many adverticements thru news papers seen and attacked few of them.gave leaflets to few shops posted mailer worked for Samsung.met Chandana brothers also noted main person to be met.Tennis ball to be replaced at home.

As per planning managed to do market calls and was succeful in few but surpassed the target but still to improve.met aquarium guy called him and met him.gandhi suddenly called and had chat with him but still head ache continued.

infoworld shop seen and tried there and arial survey of other shops also seen.
morning balaji of multimedia met and some confidence got.survey at central park continued.
At evening head ache still continued from ramoji he asked me to followup realtor.
Luckys blank call and new head ache at bar and driving comment also new things.

Golden plaza owner is chirus fan and he was not available,saloon guy was un happy at central park wished srivari,balaji at Multi media was promising,amanged to take 25 xeox at sin inn,stappler problem to overcome,manged to send rafi new guy to renigunta,at chanda saree shop majjiga effect had.asked shabarish to followup rajesh

6 th march 2009 post Monday

managed another 10 mailers to nellore Aneesh ads clients of nellore,with the help of Murali to Sindhuri Park got commitment for wed day there i failed without pen.

Morning met House owner and paid rent seen real problems.her son producer of chandra has and her family details also noted.met Anand and his commitment got and Siva commitment got and managed to pay dues to Global park.

Days biggest develeopment is reading 48 ways to power(posted important points seperately) and noted tremendous points and also attended Conference of money making i found i need to concentrate in awakening a giant in others.plus improve networking skills.
Thulasi continued to miss.another new thing found is not telling venkatesh.Big bouncer seen at nainar shop.met bhanu prakash reddy of BJP asked his Bio Data wished him too and met kattula on the way.also analysed where i failed to aniticipate a problem.Bouncer at office to dry clothes.Much of the time spent in Meeting house owner etc.no call from Vishwashakti Tirupatis first integrated township.
tremendous responce to Mk nellore noted great plan.

that money conference also gave many insights.Gandhis non cooperation still continued.Much of Muralis headache need to be faced even for the day.thats how the day has passed with so many new twistes turns.


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