Saturday, April 04, 2009

April 4 th post

To check wether my earliar leaflet of can help now or not.ask Sivanna and satish to help for idols biz.mor bouncer at koneti katta with secirity guarad that led to Alipiri visit.good rush seen.To infiltrate now.malli met at do some network on chiru.

April 3 rd post

In politics filing nominations work is going on everywhere for all politacal parties.Prajarajyam annouced 5th list Vasudeva reddy chinna for mdanpalli and d.k.srinivas M.P seat for rajampet (d.k audikeshavulu naidus son) got seats.

Many unexpected things have happend today.Meeting Krishna comples owner suddenly,meeting sridhar at govindarajula temple seen his pictures,managed 22 mailers surprising holiday of post office.thulasi missed evening i met Sai Nirmala doctor and good responce noted dogs etc seen.Also participated in Praja rajyam campaining programme at d type TTD quarters seen Dr pasupuleti campaining very dynamically.manged to scan most of dailies at room.Unable to bear heat at after noon and hunger???

Money power of Bhuman karunakar reddy information got.Still no answer to bleeding of pocket but still my fight is on.surprisingly jana and murali and Venkatesh have joined at victory.Most of the names of chittor dist leaders known.Blog further developed at room.Received rubber stamp from that guy change problem??top advertisers of tirupati upto 100 listed out at room in the morning gained confidence to some what surprisingly at net at mercy enjoyed.Calls have continued from marketing people eenadu guys followup noted.
After 6 pm heat was controlled.Sampoorna family restaurant Prakasam road address Lot of data of phone numbers at kaliyuga narada seen.still google adsence is pending is irritating me most.List of leaflets posted so far has reached to a 92 count so far but no responce yet is not convincing??murali was asking abt marg followup.thats how day ended.
Failed to handle Naresh call for money.

Read article about social networking on youtube,myspace and other one.missed that meeting of money at kalyan hotel.


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