Thursday, March 26, 2009

25th march post

At last telugu deasm some how managed tie up of TRS a nice cartoon of this seen at Eanadu.Krishnam rajus joining further strengthened prajarajaym.

Luckily discussed investors plan with global park malli.visited home met mom,mama and gave 200/- to mama,gave 2 k to Murali.manged to give telegram to That obsconder and purchased perfume given eye glass repair work maheveer jewellers enquiry did.Sekhars marriages photos album work fynalysed agening effect noted.

Some what mental disturbance right from the morning seen.At puja also some disturbance seen.couldnt handle that 2 bosys who came to chat jana met.Pressure for book given to that rx guy.
When i checked with satyam sent paers new confidence gained after lloking at things i did at coverage press note,folded leaflets,Night unable to sleep due to much starain.
met net service provider.much of pending work compleated.
eenadu 35 years,sakhiand surya 2 nd year,Jyothi 49th year,hindu 132 years,vartha 14 th years noted.

managed to send 5 letters purchased 40 stamps and also replay from madhava rao sonnoted.Murali sold small idol.Eve chandra met his support noted.Phone calls from people continued.@ pharma enquiries latters found and leaflets for also available.


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