Saturday, March 21, 2009

20th post

Most of sitting Reddys seems to be geeting berths for assembly elections.GMR owner Grandhi madhava rao Dinesh reddy Uday kisran Actor S.S.Yadav DGP have had darshan lord Balaji.Blakrishna for tdp and Chiranjeevi were active in election Campains.

At evening i got influenced by beside people that to be avvoided. with 2 boys distributed leaflets at Srinivasam guidance had from book seller.One samll ananda nilaym sold.Disturabce could not be handled with seems to be very promising with 4 people joining.Received Luggage of Nellore office more confidence thru that.
Morning nice construction of Viswashanti seen. season eefect also noted.Summer heat statrted.things statrted moving in right satyams issue patience paid.That lemon effect.Unexpected effect at mama.Met sindhuri park and N.V Prasad that letter given.Failed to organise few things planned its ok anyway nice day.


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