Friday, March 20, 2009

19th march post

Y.S.R once again proved his grip in getting seats to his own team and it looks to be approved by centre.Most of the sitting M.L.A s seems to have got seats for next assembly elections.

got up late and purchased only 3 i have managed to post 2 mailers and met Anand,Vasu,Siva,Naresh,Vasu temple purchased 2 big deepams,one Kumbaham many needy things also purchased.
At night Murali and Venkatesh problems solved.sencitivity also noted.introduced my business to global park owner his assurance and support also hope from siva new lamination idea noted.after meeting Ankama rao new support noted.One young guy his own problems met me and ready to work with me as executive.

Met loka his support and frame also noted.head ache at navata twice inspiration thru Jyothisyam information thru one taxi driver at Konetikatta noted.some calls came for jyothi ad response seen.eenadu guy dint come for thats how the day has passed.


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