Thursday, March 19, 2009

18th march post

Still most of the leaders of state and central are very busy in selecting candidates.Mighty congress history speaks for itself.But congress needs to prove in this current situation.Junior ntr hawaa continued.
After paper reading activated jagan to collect visiting cards also wished Pratahap and veradarajan.
At morning chat met with thulasi and plans revealed.At room new points for leaflet written so leaflet is further more powerful and gandhis participation also noted.At chat felt brethlessnes with 4 people suddenly coming online but still managed.Thulasi,Dianessr(rejoined after many years things noted),jana,Gandhi.Loaded 3 pics of Prarapa guys on vilekhari.SBI bank statement received.

Navata enquired Flask,tennis ball,that press coverage leaflet with Chandu and tieup for visiting Cards ok.Met jana read virtual office eenadu coverage.
Head of Balaji received from Naresh also commitment got from him for another frame.
(srivari bhaktulara....meeintini pavanam chesukondi...that sponcers idea for leaflet...Sirisha donotr from peruru East
At room assets on hand analysed further my power is 25 lakhs now.Investment need now to cuttings for 2 days completed met one marketing executive his bio data received.

At night Sketch work further enhanced.missed venkatesh and Murali.Met Munawwer.


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