Monday, March 16, 2009

14 th and 15 th posts

Mostly busy with marraige works and followups Bramha Reddy, Jaybal reached chandra and Uk,Ramoji,Venkatesh joined photos work news of 25 k of thulasi problem in locating rooms at varaha swamy at night met many villagers and family members photo session and vedeo session i took care in wishing people introduced with many family members.Whole night i couldnt sleep but noted many addressses of devotees of Australia,Canada,usa,warangal,latur Nagpur etx of Varaha swamy guest house.Again Darshan of vip had of lord.but heavy rush for Hundi also noted.Jaybals head ache seen.Met Somus brother chantings support noted.hick up with gopal,koti,

15th sundays post: gave party to koti,murali,venkatesh had drinks with krishnaiah and Prahlada phones to Parvathy and pitchi mama unnessisary head ache from Purush but another new point noted.some how managed to reach Tirupati many other people met at Marraige attaned marriage no rest so un easy noted read only Jyothi for the day.Janrdhan participation was interesting.Many others were absent.Chandra s yoga.Unknown hickup and wrong word at Utham ??? but new point of followup expectation noted.fired jaybal brahma reddy.janardhan was showing lot of interest in family.


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