Monday, March 09, 2009

8th march post

Still uncertanity is prevailing in selection of candidature in all Politacal parties.there may be lot of shiftouts after announcement of candidatures.some news papers are making surveys.woman day celebrated all over.

thinga which i have handled read and cut almost all home made many calls to invite friends.prepared.withdrawn cash and seen big lord venkateswara lamination.
discussion with Bhupaiah continued.again couldnt control temper at hotel parking.this was unexpected one.20 of the scannings posted.
Thulasi came in and had chat hectic hunger for the day??good rush at rly station of pilgrims.
Called and wishes conveyed to n.v.maha laxmi.munawwer and thulasi guidance noted purchased flower wash.called sekhar and koti. 2 pairs of dress from home.
jaybal,gandhi,Brahma reddy,Jana,Satyam,mk,edn,sridhar,Gandhi,Somu followed.


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