Friday, February 27, 2009

26th feb post

Many new turn of events to day have developed prarapa Xerox data on hand Sridhars profile loaded mor had discussion at his shop and Chandus profile with nice pictures also got.Met Vuka and other new hope thru profiles. Patels payment also got. Ramoji and Vasu handwritings added to account.Managed to send keys to Jaybal and grabbed water bootle and also interviwed one desgn guy Stickering work also at Krishna complex.

Problem due to Cell ph batterry failure suffered 2 times due to night again suffered for keys and unnessisary godava and energy failure tobe more careful in future from now.

Whole day many calles received for jyothi 6 news paers and knowedge got.nenu saitham song ready now.

Mor ramprasad cell and real estate enq effect.Mor met Krishana murthy of woodside and Venugopal of bhimas met and motivated.


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